There are some special outstanding people you meet on your path that create on you the effect of reawakening some ancient wisdom and inner memories, in a form of mutual uplifting and spiritual empowerment. This sure happened to me when I had the blessing to meet Shekinah Ma, out of all places in a corporate office where we were colleagues for a year. Right away we noticed we had an obvious consciousness connection and shared similar understandings and awareness of the bigger picture behind the veil. She soon became my closest confident and my best ally through that specific social contract, but our relation evolved unto higher spiritual levels. We took part in ceremonies together, traveled to some events and shared some precious time in highly elevated conversations, as well as fun and laughters.

Shekinah is a creatress of beauty, a loving mother, a protectress of life, a truth warrioress whose integrity is impeccable and dedication admirable. She is a natural leader with an extraordinary intelligence, a profound sense of compassion and the love of justice that she defends with a devotional zeal and with all her heart. Her rainbow aura has gifted her with keen intuition and acute psychic sensibility allowing her to see through the veil into the darkest parts as into the brightest enlightenment. Her life experience has provided her with a deep understanding of human relations and healing powers.

Shekinah is an inspired channel of truth and wisdom providing inspiring counseling and continuously caring, helping, uplifting, comforting and guiding everyone she reaches. She has connected with the ancient Sasquatch people and channeled their ageless wisdom. One of the memorable experiences I lived with her was after the third Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering I organized in the Slocan Valley where she did an amazing presentation, we were at her house and the Sasquatch came close by and made themselves heard for almost half an hour. Later, when I was ready to leave, she called out on the Mama she channels and asked her to greet me goodbye and sure enough, happy hoots and hollering sounded out of the forest nearby for a good minute. It was a clear sign of her remarkable connection with them.

It is with great joy that I now see the new website and newly published book of my dear sister Shekinah coming out. I suggested her to write a book before she did and I'm happy and proud of her dedicated efforts into making this reality manifest. I'm looking forward to read her book and will certainly recommend it. With her vast knowledge and perception of the multidimensional quantum universe, I'm confident that her writings will raise consciousness and enlighten those who will read her. Blessings...

SunBĂ´w TrueBrother