Oracle Readings and Offerings


Oracle Readings $1 Per Minute.
Enter Into Sacred Space Guided by Me as I weave You Into a Purifying Breath and Transcendent Violet Flame Allow Me to Divine For You through My Sacred Oracle Cards and ask any and All the Questions You Need while I use my Crystal Pendulum and Kinesiology Skills to Divine Your Destiny and Awaken Your Highest Potential.
Soul Realignment and Clearings $108

Trained In Soul Realignment and Egyptian Numerology as Well as Shamanic Clearing and High Priestess Channeling, I Recalibrate and Return You to Your Original BluePrint and Star Seed Connection.
Life Coaching, Clearings, Attunements and Personal Oracle Clients Long Term $333 Per Moon

Join Me for a Moon of Personal Coaching and Connection To Sew Your Flower of Life Seed and In 28 Days Transform Sprout and Blossom into the Unfoldment of Your Most Heart Felt Prayers and Purrrfect Positioniing