“When you stay on purpose and refuse to be discouraged by fear, you align with the infinite self, in which all possibilities exist.” – Wayne Dyer

Us Merfolk like to play on words and so we use Porpoise rather than purpose because we find it more fun. That being said what I am going to now share is very serious xo please listen to what the “Wise Ones,” my Spirit Guides have come to share with you now for their message speaks to the times we are in now and all that is coming ahead. Humanity is evolving; we are morphing into a New Age… the 5th Age of Peace to be specific as was prophesized by the Hopi people. To ascend into this next level of humanity I refer to as “Homo Luminous” or “Homo Divinus,” we must entrain our beings into a high vibrational high conscious state of awareness that will allow for our Merkabas to be ignited, activated, and set free.

This process of igniting and activating the Merkaba or Light Body was taught by the Egyptians throughout their Mystery Schools whereby they instructed their initiates into the death and rebirth cycle thus igniting the Light Body or KA Body activation allowing for a Soul to be than carried on into the “Dimensions of the Blessed.”

The Buddhist Tradition of the Dzogchen laid out the groundwork for this great transformation and transcending process as well through their teachings of the Rainbow Light Body activation. The Christian Tradition also teaches of this process through Christ and the resurrection process. Remember Christos in Latin means Light so the Christ Body is really the Light Body and this is what Jesus had come to teach all who would learn from his example. Ultimately we all must go through this necessary evolutionary upgrade as the time has come for humanities quantum leap forward into the Golden Age which is unfolding like a Lotus now in our time.

After many years of doing this work for myself and through the guidance of the “Wise Ones,” my Spirit guides, I have been called to become a Midwife for Ascension and have made it my Mission to help people get there effortlessly.

Now more than ever as we witness all the changes happening not only in our reality and way of Life but also planetarily as our own Mother Earth begins her ascension process as well, it is an essential priority and commitment everyone should make to begin their own Light Body Activation Process, and I am here to help with that. I feel it is my calling to become one of the first official 5D Coaches and to start a movement worldwide initiating others as well as Midwifes in our ascension process, join me, all are welcome. Aho All My Relations!


Allow me to assist you in shedding old thought constructs, to coach you in releasing limiting belief conditioning and programming that is locking you and blocking you from your highest potential! Allow me to be your guide assisting you you into awakening to the true you! For as Yeshua the Christ said ... "Ye are Gods, you are all children of the Most High." Now more then ever, it is high time we come to know ourselves now!

On oracle readings and offerings this one xo

As a Law of Attraction Therapist, Oracle, and Medicine Woman allow me to work with you to unlocking and unblock you from 3D living so that you may ascend into your highest destiny. This is 5D living and it is your Divine inherit sovereign right to thrive rather than just survive!